Project Discourse

Project Discourse is an academic discussion in the format of debate but with one difference – No One Wins or Loose. After the two sides debate upon contemporary legal propositions, we aim at solutions and future possibilities. We aim to invigorate the wide public discussions through disputation and deliberations. The debates are designed to encourage participants to seek out further information about the issues, engage in a face-to-face discussion.

Project Discourse 1.0

18th July 2020

‘This House believes that Remote Hearings can replace Physical Hearings in Arbitration


Mr. Vyapak Desai, Partner, Nishith Desai Associates (Speaker)
Mr. Ajar Rab, Partner, Rab & Rab Associates LLP (Speaker)
Mr. Rohan Batra, Partner, R & R Law Chambers (Moderator)

Debate can be viewed here and the white paper can be accessed here